A Food Wheel for Your Shopping List


Back in the dark ages before fluorescent-lit supermarkets, everyone knew to plant potatoes when the shadbush flowered and to seed corn when oak leaves were the size of a squirrel’s ear. But modern-day hunter-gatherers determined to dine with the seasons (lest long-distance food transportation warm us into the Iceless Age) have a lot to learn about what’s harvested when. If you just can’t remember that peaches come after peas but before pears, don’t despair: Two groups of entrepreneurial, ecological women have created lovely metro-area food wheels to help you write your farmers market shopping list.

After the success of their San Francisco-area Local Foods Wheel, creators Maggie Gosselin, Sarah Klein and Jessica Prentice (the latter coined the now-famous word locavore) decided a New York-area incarnation was in order (above). They contacted our very own editor for the scoop on tri-state seasonality (and were a bit alarmed to learn of our lean winters). Now Manhattanites can turn the dial to tune in to seasonality (localfoodswheel.com).

Evidently great minds eat alike. Private chef Carlin Greenstein teamed up with artist Annie Stranger to create their own quick-reference guide, also a dial. It schools wheel-wielders on when to plan that ramp-pickling party (May). chewonthis.org

Photo courtesy of Local Foods Wheel