Flying Pigs Farm Makes Mother’s Little Helper


We typically regard anything prefab as not fab at all, but here’s the edible exception that proves the rule: pie dough from Flying Pigs Farm. The upstate purveyors of pedigree pork are all but canonized for the meat of their Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots and Tamworths, which lure lines at the Greenmarket and grace the menus at many of the city’s better restaurants.

And while we’re longtime devotees of their hams, sausages, chops, ribs, liverwurst and (be still my heart) bacon, their latest porcine product is our favorite yet: thaw-and-roll pastry dough starring their lip-smacking lard, masterfully cut with the uncompromising ingredients we favor when making our own: Ronnybrook butter and King Arthur flour. The crusts bake up supremely flaky, pitch-perfect for pies, whether savory or sweet.

Hostesses expecting vegetarians shouldn’t reveal the source, though a little lard-white lie reminds us of the best part: Nobody will ever know you cheated. Saturdays at Union Square Greenmarket.

Photo credit: Michael Harlan Turkell