Mixes From Fat Witch Bakery Make Us Question Our Aversion to Boxed Brownies


As someone who keeps her own sourdough starter, I never imagined I’d be caught dead with a baking mix that comes in a box.
But, then, no one ever plans to end up a junkie.

Never mind pot brownies—the tiny fudgy squares turned out by the sorceresses at Fat Witch Bakery are habit-forming opiates, and I’m not the only one whose hands shake as they unwrap their score, promising to quit after this last one. Even Oprah’s hooked.

You know you’ve hit bottom when you’re shivering outside Chelsea Market awaiting your morning fix, but you needn’t start your day so shamefully: Addicts can now cook up the poison at home. The dealers—er, bakers—at Fat Witch have come out with a boxed mix (a whopping $8.99 but, hey, when you gotta have it…). Sure, tell yourself you’re really cooking—there are chocolate chips to temper, and you’ll mix in your own eggs and butter rather than some weird packet of yellow liquid. The 16 servings that emerge from the oven 30 minutes later will get the monkey off your back, for now.

Photo courtesy of Fat Witch Bakery