The Edible Guide

Our picks for where to eat, drink and shop in the city.

Petee’s Pie Company

We’re blessed with a slew of top notch pie shops in this city, many serving seasonal ingredients with palpable bucolic charm. Most of them are in Brooklyn, but Petee’s stands out in lower Manhattan (although you might miss the slight Delancey Street entrance if you’re not paying attention). The quaint storefront is barely big enough for the bakery, counter and couple-seat, street-facing bar for those staying to eat their pie. They bake fresh ones daily and the chocolate bourbon pecan recently won over my roommate. I was already sold on the Parlor Coffee with a seasonal Nesselrode pie: a mostly forgotten New York classic with rum-soaked chestnuts, cherries, orange and citron suspended in a fluffy custard and topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. —Ariel Lauren Wilson

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