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The Digitization of Food

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According to the organizers:

“FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig leads an interactive online chat with #foodtech pioneer, Kevin Brown. Brown is an experienced entrepreneur and current CEO at Innit, the Silicon Valley startup developing the “self-driving cars of kitchen tech” (WIRED).

With so many of our key industries, such as music, movies, even taxi service, already converted to digital platforms, it seems inevitable that the huge—and hugely important—economy of food is soon to follow. The question to be explored by Rosenzweig and Brown is: What does the digitization of food look like?What is there to gain, and potentially, to lose? Might Smart Kitchen technology dramatically reduce food waste? Could the tools we cook with help make our meals healthier? How do we, as food business entrepreneurs, see through the hype surrounding tech and foodtech and identify real opportunities? We’ll discuss these questions—and field ones from you—during this live online session.”