Save the Po-Boy

God's Love We Deliver: A Leidenheimer Bread Truck Captured on the Streets of New Orleans

God’s Love We Deliver: A Leidenheimer Bread Truck Captured on the Streets of New Orleans

In today’s Times there’s a piece by Southern food writer extraordinaire John T. Edge about the very Edible in style New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival on Nov. 22 , an event designed to pay homage to (and perhaps save the integrity of) what I think is our country’s greatest sandwich: The Po-Boy.

Fried oysters are my fave, but I’ll take shrimp, alligator, spicy sausage, roast beef and debris or roast duck or fried rabbit any day; as long as it’s on an awesome thin-crusted-on-top-soft-in-the-middle loaf made by a very small number of bakeries like Leidenheimer, whose truck is shown above. I could actually go on about po-boys for hours, but if I do I’ll just begin to weep for New Orleans. Granted, my family originally hails from Louisiana, so I am biased; and I’d actually love to get some angry feedback here from Katz’s pastrami on rye fans and lovers of the Godfather from Dom’s on 57th St. or even your favorite city egg on a roll . In the meantime, last time John T. was in town we dragged him to four Korean fried barbecue spots to get the fried chicken expert’s take on the city’s Seoul Food. KFC is no po-boy–at least not to me–but it is plenty good.



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