Scotch, Spiced Apple Butter & Simple Syrup=The Barclay’s Kings Feast Cocktail

As promised yesterday, we scored recipes for each of the five cocktails that made it through the preliminary round of judging for our Great King Street Cocktail Competition. It’s something we’re running in conjunction with Compass Box Whisky Company: Great King Street is their brand new Scotch blend designed for making drinks; so we asked local professional mixologists to submit seasonal recipes.

Butter, Milk, Half & Half, Heavy Cream, Eggs and 5 Kinds of Cheese (aka Why This Mac & Cheese is So Good)

Not only does this recipe call for butter, milk, half-and-half, and heavy cream, it of course deploys plenty of cheese—three types of cheddar plus Monterey Jack. But the crowning glory is, get this, cream cheese. After throwing everything else together—oops I mean assembling the layers—you dot the top with little blobs of cream cheese, which, once baked, become the best part of the dish. The recipe calls for four ounces, but I just might double that next time.

Edible Lunch: The Watermelon Radish and White Anchovy Salad from Jeffrey’s Grocery

These are the literal salad days of the year–meaning the ones when all the tabloids talk up their dieting hotlines and 16 six steps to a perfect bathing suit bod, to the salads and smoothies that are the perfect antidote to all that holiday roast beef and whiskey-kicked egg nog. We were never that keen on dieting in the new year–cassoulet season comes but once, after all–but salad is something we can get behind any time. And with all due respect to tomatoes and sweet corn, we’ve always been partial to the ones that appear when it’s frigid. When the crunch of radish and fennel bulb and kohlrabi start making it into the bowl, you might lose a little color, but gain texture in in spades.

Ready the LuteFisk–Glögg Season Has Officially Begun, and We’ve Got the Best Recipe

In case you missed last week’s Edible episode on NY1–it’s on the spiked Scandinavian winter warmer called glögg–we wanted to point your attention both to the television segment (which you can find here online) as well as the Edible Manhattan article that inspired it, which includes the recipe for the drink, a heady, dangerously drinkable blend of sweet red wine heated up with a spike of citrus and some gingerbready spicing. We procured it from Morten Sohlberg—the Norwegian-born CEO of Smörgas Chef’ Restaurant Group, which runs three Smörgas Chef’ restaurants in Manhattan, including the one inside the Scandinavia House cultural center where we shot the piece for NY1.