After all the holiday feasting and feting, who couldn’t use a little pick-me-up to get through the work week? Here’s a cocktail from the folks at Kings County Distillery and Marlow & Sons restaurant in Williamsburg that’s just right for our we’d-rather-be-baking-cookies-than-sitting-at-this-desk mood.

RECIPE: Kvass Cocktail

This cocktail calls for beet kvass, a slightly fizzy, naturally fermented drink from the Old World. Find it at Zabar’s made by Brooklyn-based company The Gefelteria.


With holiday parties looming and menus to plan, we thought of this rich, frothy punch by mixologist Casey Van Heel of Rye Restaurant in Williamsburg. Light as a feather, yet decadent thanks to the upstate milk, this cocktail is more dessert than drink and perfect for filling guests’ glasses at winter gatherings.

FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Joe Wilfer’s Tom & Jerry

The Tom & Jerry–a frothy, rich Christmas-time drink akin to eggnog–was, according to cocktail historian David Wondrich, created in the early 1850s by famed mixologist Jerry Thomas. As legend goes, Thomas refused to make them until after the first snowfall. It may not be Christmas yet, but the snow has fallen, people, so ready your mixers!

The New Old Holiday It Bird, Goose

Tis a shame that the humble goose, once beloved for its rich flavor and luscious layer of fat just under the skin came to be replaced by the wild turkey at holiday meals. In our current issue Nancy Davidson traces the decadent bird’s comeback.

FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Tomato Marinated Sea Bass

At Brushstroke with chef/owner David Bouley, chef Yamada created this dish for Americans, who he realized don’t like the salted, grilled fish beloved in Japan for its strong flavor and chewy texture. To create a very moist fish, Yamada created this recipe for sea bass, where the fish is marinated for 24 hours with sun-dried tomatoes and grapeseed oil.