And The Winner of the Travel Cover Contest Is…

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to help us choose our next cover for our upcoming travel issue of Edible Manhattan. Between shots like idyllic olive harvests in Tuscany, playful PacMan dumplings from RedFarm, and plump Romanian sour cherries, let’s be real — each of them could have graced the front of our print edition! Nonetheless, there can only be one cover.

A Saga Worth Telling, and Visiting

We love locavore stories, but for our travel issue we go father afield—sometimes much farther. In fact our writer Nancy Matsumoto just returned from Japan, where she was reporting a story about Union Square Café’s Tokyo outpost. She also spent a few days in Saga City, the capital of Saga prefecture, on Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu, visiting people who make ingredients both traditional and innovative.

EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Ireland on Our Minds

With St. Patty’s Day coming up in a few short days, we’ve got Ireland on the brain. As we sit at our desks, typing away, we can’t help wishing we were munching some Irish soda bread and drinking a Guinness in Dublin instead.


Where some vacationers see surf and sand, this sustainable food expert finds local okra, grassfed lamb and the rumblings of an agricultural transformation.. Read the story for more on the island’s shift away from producing sugar crops for export to growing okra and raising grassfed lamb to feed the locals.