IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Foraging for Urban Pigweed

In our latest issue, Marie Viljoen shares her tips for foraging for and dining on pigweed–a hearty weed once cultivated by the Aztecs for its precious seeds that now takes over the city come summer time. From sautéed atop crostini to baked in a pigweed tart, Viljoen offers several ways to enjoy the nutritious leaves.

Artisanal sodas

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Artisan-Minded Sodas Go Beyond the Basic

We food lovers have abandoned squishy pre-sliced sandwich bread for crusty, yeasty loaves of sourdough and passed on saccharine supermarket yogurt for the gloriously decadent creamline stuff found at the Greenmarket. So why should we settle for drab colas and over sweetened ginger ales with only aromas of the pungent root? Thanks to artisan-minded soda makers, we don’t have to.