IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Foraging for Autumn-Olives

In our current issue Marie Viljoen introduces us to yet another delicious and abundant invasive plant taking over the city. Autumn-olives–no relation to the green things in your martini–are exquisite to eat, with a tart sweetness somewhere between a red currant and a pie cherry.

EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Hot Bread Kitchen

At Hot Bread Kitchen, baking bread is more than simply working with dough. The now Harlem-based bakery has a twofold mission to preserve bread baking traditions from around the world while uplifting the immigrant women who bake the breads.

Edible Installation by Fritz Haeg Opens Today at MoMA

Fritz Haeg and Annie Novak of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn have teamed up to create Domestic Integrities, a highly seasonal installation at MoMa. Part outdoor garden and part interior field, the work features medicinals, herbals, edibles, and plants for pollinators–all cultivated earlier this summer–which will be harvested throughout the course of the exhibition.

A Taste of Japan via Chef David Bouley

In our current travel issue, Nancy Matsumoto takes us behind the polished oak counter and into the kitchen at Brushstroke, Chef David Bouley’s foray into the art of Japanese kaiseki. This intensely seasonal, small-plate dining dates back to the 16th century, having evolved out of the tea ceremony.

The Evolution of the Midday Meal

In our current issue, Nancy Matsumoto takes us into the “Lunch Hour NYC” exhibit now on display at the New York Public Library. The display–an intense look into what lunchtime has come to mean over the last 150 years in the city–spans everything from high society cookbooks and school lunches to automats and the invention of pastrami.