Girl Scouts Score a Locavore Badge, We Can Only Hope Brownies Will Too

Thanks to the fine blog The Food Section for alerting us to the fact that the Girl Scouts added a locavore badge earlier this month. (It looks a lot like our very own business card, which maybe isn’t surprising.) According to a piece in USA Today, the badges are the first major upgrade since 1987 and a part of a modernizing of the group as they get ready for next year’s 100-year-anniversary. Though as Josh Friedland of The Food Section points out, like adult locavores, the scouts are going back in time as much as they’re going forward.

Today on NY1: George Motz and Seth Unger on their 5th Food Film Fest, Which Now Includes Difara Pizza, Delivered to You

In addition to this list of can’t miss NYC Food Film Fest hits we told you about last week (Rockaway Tacos, Food Porn) they’ve added the last-minute addition of a documentary of every city foodie’s dreams: Best Thing I Ever Done. Yep, you guessed it, it’s a profile of Dominic DeMarco, the (literally) world-famous pizziaolo behind Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. Better still, DiFara pizzas will star at the Manhattan premier of the flick, and will be specially delivered to Canal Street next Sunday by Film Fest staffers for a party the FFF is calling Di Fara Pizza Lunch.