Jimmy Carbone Hath Created the Good Beer Seal


Those who know Jimmy Carbone–and that’s nearly everyone in the city’s suds scene–are aware the man can get downright religious when it comes to brew. Owner of 1 Dominick and Jimmy’s No. 43, the prominent publican has served the city for two decades, proudly pouring the best craft beers anywhere, hosting near-nightly tastings and otherwise delivering us from the evil of insipid swill.

Which leads us to ask, when pondering pints for purchase, WWJD? That is–What Would Jimmy Drink?

If you’ve been searching for a sign, it’s here–literally. Along with the all-knowing barkeeps at pint palaces like Burp Castle, the Blind Tiger and d.b.a, Carbone hath created the Good Beer Seal. Worshippers wandering in the desert of mediocre watering holes: Be not afraid, for Jimmy is now with thee, in the form of a window decal.

Never mind Zagat-style surveys or crowdsourced metrics, there is but one way into the kingdom of brew: Carbone and company sit in judgment of what’s within your glass. And if it is good, blessed are you–with a seal.

The Good Beer Seal also encourages fellowship by organizing CSA spots at bars, bike-to- the-bar beer crawls on Sundays (natch) and a grilling competition for Slow Food at Water Taxi Beach on July 21. Plus, they’ll be preaching the gospel at our very own good-beer bash on Wednesday, July 29, at BAM. (For details see p. 11. Good beers will also be on tap on July 15 at our event at Inside Park at St. Bart’s.)

But the main message of the seal is simple: Take this, all of you, and drink of it.