The Edible Guide

Our picks for where to eat, drink and shop in the city.

Neighborhood: Bowery

Globe Slicers

Globe, a dusty shop at 266 Bowery, stocks slicers, and not the gleaming red antique Berkels favored by the likes of Mario Batali and other salumi aficionados; these are purely utilitarian.

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Balter Sales Company

Located among several other restaurant supply stores on the Bowery, Balter at 209 Bowery is best for glassware in shapes and sizes only a mixologist would specify.

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Bowery Restaurant Supply

Bowery Restaurant Supply is a maze of wire shelving heaped with everything from wire pot scrubbers to chinoises in all sizes. It has an Asian accent (bamboo steamers, sake cups, stainless-steel skimmers, bags of 100 bamboo skewers for all of 30 cents and the white soup spoons in which trendy caterers serve one-swallow hors d’oeuvres). But it also stocks aprons and graters and cheese shakers, tartlet tins for 75 cents apiece, even escargot tongs ($1.50 each).

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Bari Restaurant & Pizzeria Equipment

This Bowery restaurant supply store is very orderly, with polished wood floors, a carefully edited selection of serious cookware and appliances and an emphasis on pizza gear. Offerings include meat grinders, chafing dishes, hot fudge dispensers, pizza screens, KitchenAid mixers, heavy-duty blenders in at least a dozen models, seven permutations of rice cookers, assorted sizes of sturdy pots called calderos and your choice of rolling pins: wood or stainless steel.

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If you zig and then zag off Bowery onto Rivington Street, you’ll happen upon a pavement path that you could easily mistake for a delivery driveway, or miss entirely in a single long blink. But if you turn your head for just the right slip of a second as you pass by, the sight at the end of what’s called Freeman Alley would surely make you stop. From a distance, it looks like a party in somebody’s old, quirky little row house—all strings of glittery white lights and the warm glow emanating from the 20-pane front window of the restaurant and cocktail spot called Freemans, a place still so cool several years after its arrival it’s practically synonymous with the adjective.

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Chef Daniel Boulud’s kitchen and bar offers a laid back menu with twelve varieties of house-made sausage and 20 beers on tap.

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Louie & Chan

Louie & Chan pays tribute to the ever-changing Italian and Chinese neighborhoods of downtown Manhattan. From the Broome Street storefront, chef Kevin Chun focuses on…

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The Bowery Diner

The Bowery Diner isn’t your typical diner, thanks to Mathieu Palombino of Motorino.  Diners can look forward to grown-up milkshakes, like the Seasonal Pie…

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