The Magazine: July-August 2011

Grist for the Mill:
Grist for the Mill

In May, my colleagues and i attended the James Beard Foundation’s journalism awards banquet, and I for one had the jitters. Edible Manhattan was nominated in the “best profile” class—for the feature on the revolutionary nutritionist Joan Gussow our publisher brian Halweil penned last year—and i held my breath as the evening crept toward thatContinue Reading

Notable Edibles:
Up Above The Gramercy Park Hotel, An Ambitious Little Garden

When Kevin Denton and Dan Dilworth stumbled onto the roof- top of the Gramercy Park Hotel, it took them about 15 seconds to realize they could turn it into a rooftop garden. It was November of 2009 and the two staffers of the Gramercy Terrace—on the 18th floor of the hotel that also houses MaialinoContinue Reading

Notable Edibles:
City Hall Initiative Supports The “Market” Economy

Move over, Silicon Alley—there’s a new breed of entrepreneur in town. but instead of computer code, these innovators engineer prizewinning popsicles and tricked-out food trucks. And City Hall is stoked. New York has seen its manufacturing base shrink by a whopping two-thirds since 1990, but jobs related to food production rose 6 percent last yearContinue Reading

Notable Edibles:
Taking “Local” Liter Ally.

When city chefs boast about their Greenmarket bounty, they almost always mean the summery stash they scored at Union Square and schlepped across town in a cab. but at the Upper West Side’s Nick & Toni’s Café, chef Juan Juarez has another take that’s entirely appropriate for eaters watching their food miles: Hit the marketContinue Reading

Message In a Bottle:
The Currant’s Second Coming

Is the Hudson Valley poised to usher in a liqueur revival?

Time Capsule:

When cold soup got hot.

Reading About Eating:

If you like to lounge alongside a vat of gazpacho, rather than next to the pool, we’ve got some great reads for you. Come to think of it, they’ d make great page-turners on the beach, too.

Melting Pot:
Fast All Day, Feast All Night

Aziz Osmani, the manager of Kalustyan’s, Murray Hill’s international provisions emporium, is used to placing big orders from local and global suppliers—for, say, their 50 varieties of rice, or two dozen variations on the humble lentil. Deliveries often arrive on pallets stacked with 25-kilo burlap sacks. But it’s during Ramadan, the annual month of IslamicContinue Reading

Super Markets:
Don’t Call Him A Butcher

In Chelsea Market, a conscientious capitalist carnivore.

Higher Education:
Brain Food

At the New School, the global diet is the subject of serious study.

Indigenous Industry:
Hot Plates

Fishs Eddy celebrates twenty-five years of doing dishes.


Ex-chef Ray Bradley excels in a (muddy) new field.

Stomping Grounds:

Wanna be a winemaker? Join the club.

ABC Kitchen With Jean-Georges

The best new restaurant in the entire country, in more ways than one.

Urban Forager:
May Apples In Late July: A Cautionary Tale

Central Park’s Podophyllum peltatum are dangerously delicious.

Mile High Club

In the 1890s, hot New Yorkers hit the roof.

Notable Edibles:
Fromage Field Day

It’s likely that the Vermont Cheese Festival—the third annual is Sunday, July 24th—could be held in a motel conference room off the interstate, and crowds of artisan cheese lovers would still arrive by the busload. but for those that like a bit of beauty in between samples of Twig Farm’s rustic raw milk goat tomme,Continue Reading